Duties of the International Cooperation Department:

• Developing and strengthening friendship and cooperation with foreign educational institutions and research centers;

 • Establishment of permanent communication with universities and research centers of other countries, provision of contracts, memoranda, agreements;

• Ensuring the participation of scientists and specialists of TIIAME in various international scientific forums;

 •Organization of visits by foreign specialists and students;

• Organization of visits of foreign experts, professors and students to the institute;

• Studying of positive experience in the field of science and technology of other countries;

• Introduction of international investments to improve the learning process;

• Attracting of foreign investments to improve the education and training process;

• To promote doctoral students, professors, teachers in obtaining international grants;

• Provide advice on the preparation of documents for overseas business trips to professor- teaching staff and doctoral students;

• Recommend participation in various international grants, projects, programs and training funds for teaching staff, doctoral students and masters;

• Expansion and strengthening of relations between representatives accredited by the diplomatic corps in Uzbekistan.