"New Master’s Degree Curricula for Sustainable Bioeconomy in Uzbekistan” (BioEcUz)



Project goal: to create a study curricula, where the best international practices in development of the bioeconomy will be integrated and demonstrated,  this stimulating Uzbekistan’s stakeholders to modernise national economic, where paradigm change will appear – low efficiency, unsustainable use of resources and cheap labour force will be shifted to bioeconomy, where knowledge and innovation are applied and better jobs are created


Tasks of the project:

  1. To develop new, innovative bioeconomy related master level education programme.
  2. To improve the level of competences and skills in three Uzbekistan’s HEIs to create and deliver content supporting and encouraging country’s sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth.
  3. To enhance involved HEIs internationalisation and innovation capacities.
  4. To share EU good practices in development and implementation of bioeconomy, thus supporting Uzbekistan in its intentions to deploy local bioeconomy, to understand its ecological boundaries and to strengthen and scale up the bio-based sectors.


Expected results and effect of the project:

  1. In-depths analysis report elaborated, its content is qualitative and provide to EU partners in-depths information on current situation, existing preconditions and challenges to be observed
  2. New study curricula developed, documentation and study materials available, licence received
  3. Number of study visits organised, number of teachers participated, their satisfaction with gained knowledge and experience, ability to apply them in study process  
  4. Number of teachers trained, their professional benefits and satisfaction with gained knowledge, skills and experience
  5. Number of students matriculated and trained, their success (grades) and satisfaction with contents, teaching methods 
  6. Timely delivery and installation of all planned equipment (devices) and software, teachers and students satisfaction with study resources
  7. Number of publicity measures held; number of appropriate stakeholders addressed
  8. Number of forums organised, number of external participants participated, their feedback on quality and topicality of the thematic


Partner Universities

  1. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies (LLU) - Latvia
  2. Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) – Lithuania
  3. JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMK) – Finland
  4. Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers (TIIAME) - Uzbekistan
  5. Tashkent State Agrarian University (TSAU) - Uzbekistan
  6. Bukhara State University (BSU) - Uzbekistan


Period of the project: 15.01.2021 – 14.01.2024.

Total cost of the project: 897 167 Euro

Coordinator: Sherzod Rakhmonov

Position          Head of International Cooperation Department

phone:            +998 97 703 0992;

                       +998 71 237 0987